Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more of the same. again. But a bit different.

from the sketchbook...

First up we have a feline having the unfortunate task of passing a brick thru it's bowels. Not even a well drawn brick, either.

I don't know what's going on with this dame (below). Not much. She is waiting for her bustline to grow I wager. Or, she is happy with who she is! Yes, that's funnier!
This is Ollivum. Dooping.
I decided to draw Ren and Stimpy again for the first time since it was originally on the air. Something...bad...happened to Ren's face however.
And of course, Hagar the Horrible. As he's never been seen.
I would actually not like to see Hagar ever treated this way in any sort of animation or what have you. It's bothersome. Now if they could render him in lifelike CG, now THAT would be far worse.
I prefer him as animated in this beer commercial, just like ol' Dik Browne would do. His voice here frightens me though; it's always jarring hearing a character speak when you have only read their words and thus formulated their voice in your own Neural Net.
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