Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another Round of Sketches

Another post of some sketches from the ol' sketchbook of all places...I would pair them with drawing theories and/or anecdotes but I have yet to articulate them into some sort of cohesive manner. Or I don't really have any. I think I do have some actually~describing them is another matter entirely.
Here's a theory! If you're gunna re-design Betty and Veronica, Veronica should be extra slutty! In the famed issue of Betty and Veronica's Double Digest #151 there's one panel where Veronica looks a little bit like a Troll Doll...having said that I am shamed to reveal that I even know about this phenomenon much less read the thing.

I don't really having any theories about puking girls either...I suppose one could be slapped together as to why I draw them, though. I have drawn puking guys before too...and puking animals. Don't get me wrong, puking drawings take up less than .01% of my drawings....so I can't be that sick, can I?

'Course then I go and draw a streetwalker (who is of legal age I assure you) so that doesn't help my case any. ~and she's smoking no less. horrible.

Nothing says redemption like an amalgamation of a duck and a donkey though, does it? Webster's defines it differently, but my theory (aha!) is increased use of the image of this 'barnyard hybrid' in various cultures of the world will surely result in a change to that longstanding fact. I mean, what else could it be called? A Duckey? A Donkk? No, I think a 'REDEMPTION' is the most fitting.
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