Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shouldn't you be at CICAF???

CICAF ( the Chinese International Cartoon & Animation Industrial Exposition ) is a Chinese Animation Festival held annually in HANGZHOU, CHINA. I dunno how the 'F' in CICAF works with "Industrial Exposition" but nonetheless...Check out their site : http://www.cicaf.com/ I also dunno how to navigate thru the thing...it's all in Chinese after all. This year it runs from April 28th to May 2nd, so as of blogging this entry, tomorrow's the last day. It may be too late to go there, unless of course you are currently in HANGZHOU, CHINA...I am not.

But Studio Rice is! --and the booth thereof is crammed into the festival there somewhere...at least that's what I am told- again I am not there. Some of my artwork is, but I am not... The artwork here is from a show proposal called (translated into English) A Couple Chicks. Get this: the female lead- KATT- is living with two chickens -Toots and Simmons-in an apartment! In a building that prohibits animal boarders! In China yet!! ...It's like a Chinese version of 227 with poultry and wacky cartooniness. Well as Chinese as I can muster...I ain't Chinese.

Of course, the show bible is much more in depth with specifics and void of the vague 227 reference, but you get the idea.

...speaking of 227, remember the time Pee Wee Herman had a guest spot? ...and he was tied to a post or something? That was something...


Another color scheme being considered for the show:
Rather fetching I think.

So if you attend CICAF by some otherworldly MacGyvery of the Space Time Continuoum, pick up a Studio Rice T-Shirt! MADE IN CHINA! Send me a picture of you wearing the Studio Rice shirt and I will send you some Subway coupons! ( *not good in China )
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