Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fat Fred

Unearthed from the confines of a cardboard box, a treasure was found. Not a treasure pertaining to the definition that a treasure is good, but a treasure of the nontheless variety. I am guessing I was in grade 4 or 5 or somewhere there when creativity struck in the form of FAT FRED. The premise was simple: there was this fat fellow named Fred. And he was to have his own comic. At least he was fat on the cover. As the "story" unfolds, Fred seems to lose weight. I reckon no one will be able to read these pages unless they are individually clicked on to enlarge, but they are being posted anyways so that the bigwigs at all the huge comic book companies can see them and clamber to get the rights to FAT FRED. Look for FAT FRED UNLIMITED at your local comic shop, wherein FRED will be sporting a wicked pony-tail and riding a Razor Scooter! (whilst listening to his iPOD NANO of course)

Here on page 1, note the ominous arm in panel 2. I remember how exciting that was to draw. I thought I was creating ominous suspense at the time...notice how a really creepy monster arm does not phase ol Fred, but a robber in a mask freaks him out!! HAHAHAHAAHAA

fight clouds are always fun...


I do remember that FRED was never drawn anywhere else but this comic. I also recall that the gentleman that Fred runs into in the shack (on page 9) was a character that my cousin created to star in his own comic. Bit of a crossover there! As with most comics done by prepubescents, Fat Fred is simply some sort of stream of consciousness thing. I can't make much sense of it now...but 'twas an interesting find. For me anyways. Well, I wanted to post something!!
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