Sunday, January 21, 2007


I have been drawing Ed,Edd n'Eddy for just over eight years now, and am still continuously discovering new "tricks" and subleties for them. Perhaps that is part of what keeps the task from becoming monotonous. Oh sure, sometimes at 3 in the morning trying to draw Edd in a particular expression that seems to escape the pencil, I might become slightly frustrated in that he is staring to look like a Jim Davis creation...but all in all a satisfying journey. And it ain't over yet! Currently, and of course along with a slew of other fantastic artists, I am working on the yet untitled Ed,Edd n' Eddy movie. An arduous task indeed. I am posting here some sketches I did whilst playing the story over and over through my brain. I rarely post Eds stuff on this blog, but what the heck?

As an interesting note, the Edd pictured here is doing his trademark "tongue sticking out a little bit" move, which was pioneered by fantastic artist Raven Molisse. She is a talent to be reckoned with. Made me pull up my pants a little bit, that's for sure. Though I am often pulling up my pants. My own particular aversion to leather belts causes me to wear this weird belt that tends to loosen at innapropriate moments, and thusly, my pants fall down. True story.


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miss 3awashi t said...

ed,edd,n,eddy movie!!!!! omg (girly fangirl screams) i know about this already but i get so excited everytime i hear about it.
ed's so cute when you draw him ^^

Nomi said...

And to think I've watched Ed, Edd n' Eddy without even knowing you penned those marvelous facial features! Too bad we don't have television (in Britain you have to pay a TV license, and there's nothing worth watching on, so we just watch our DVD's) or I'd watch it again!

Does that make you famous? Or just semi-famous... Well-known?