Saturday, December 02, 2006


Yes that's right, she is back. The demand for her reappearance was so great, so overwhelming, that I had no choice. Offers poured in from companies eager to slap her mug on a mug or a T-Shirt. But I feel it's too early in her "career" to sell out, so I spoke with my good friend and fellow artist TODD DEMONG, who draws the "100 Girls" comic; he himself eager to work with Pipe- Nose-Mae, and we decided on a team up book. The working title right now is "101 Girls, but only one with a pipe nose" We'll see if it sticks. I don't want to give too much away, but the premise is based on the main character of 100 Girls, Sylvia, and Pipe-Nose-Mae involved in a wacky drug-smuggling scheme. Both myself and Mr. Todd Demong are illustrating, as can be seen in the sample panel posted here. In this scenario, Sylvia is not terribly into the choice of music Pipe-Nose-Mae has chosen to put on for their slumber party. Mayhem ensues. It's like the Odd Couple only with girls! And one of them with super powers, the other with a pipe nose! How can it NOT be a hit? Impossible, right? * Let's hope so, my mortgage payments are killing me.
Check out Todd's blog while you are at it:

*well OK, all of this is an outright lie. A thinly veiled cry for attention. In fact Todd Demong doesn't even know about this, or the fact that I took his artwork and put Pipe-Nose-Mae in it.
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