Friday, November 10, 2006


The differences between a female (human) and a bloodthirsty crocodile are few, though there are a lot of unfair stigmas spewn forth from the comparison. For example, the very nature of a crocodile is not based primarily on bloodthirst. A mother crocoldile will protect her babies from harm inside the very mouth that could rip a gazelles head from it's body. Isn't that truly amazing? Seriously! Also, a crocodile has never in the history of crocodiles coerced some poor schlub into charging thousands of dollars on home repairs only to leave the schlub shorty thereafter, who then has to sell the house because he can't afford it due to the lousy state of the real estate market only to lose more money on the house than initially was charged on said credit card. I'm kidding, I'm kidding...maybe thousands of dollars is a bit of an exaggeration. Another point, I am not afraid in the least of a crocodile's reaction to this post. Makes a guy really miss Steve Irwin, hey? Damn that stingray.
So that's my point.
Let's not forget about Steve Irwin.
He was pretty cool.
Oh hey, weird! I have a couple of drawings
that relate to the subject at hand. What are the chances?
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