Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well it looks as though PETER EMSLIE has a bone to pick with
As spouted on the CARTOON BREW site: (of which I am a fan)
"As it is, I'm being attacked as a know-nothing despite my longtime experience as a successful character illustrator. I really feel like these folks should have more critical attention focused on their awkward, primitive little efforts."
Strong words from the artist of the "I LOVE HUGGIES" puzzle.
Strong words indeed.
YAMROLL certainly doesn't reek of the "I WENT TO SHERIDAN AND I CAN DRAW LIKE A DISNEY GUY!!" style that permiates a plethora of paltry productions being done...a style that Peter has conquered! I surmise that must be the 'problem' . Yes, Yamroll is simple, reminiscent of a lot of Japanese designs. I find the designs appealling and (thank the sweet lord) different. Don't get me wrong, I view Preston Blair's how to draw animation book as a bible of sorts too...and certainly YamRoll suffers from some things; a piece of crap Canadian budget for one... and indeed, I admit to bias as I have worked on Yamroll and never on a Huggies puzzle. There's my two cents.
-And of all things Yamroll isn't a terrorist, so let it into the States. Sheesh...


Gene Fowler said...

Yamroll is a solid cartoon, and yes, thank god, it has different designs then all the shit that's out there.

Barx said...

Scottyboy, I'm just dropping a line to so hey now that I joined the blogzone. I'm back in ON again!
Nice little assessment-I too threw in my 2 cents on Jon's site.
That dude had absolutely no respect for all the insane amount of work that goes into developing and producing a series!
Wether you like it or not, at least Yamroll is striving for something different.

Pat Pakula said...

amen. you have such a way with words, and a pencil.
peter take your toys and go home.

yeah i know this is so last week, but i do believe i was busy watching laguna beach.