Tuesday, February 12, 2013

not quite certain what is happening here

What is happening in this scenario is subjective. Could it be the pink rat is simply bellowing some Sepultura, as a rabid fan of Brazilian metal? The small mouse being more a fan of Roger Whittaker, chasing the noise maker and his canine bodyguard off the property?
Or is the pink rodent the small mouse's wife and the dog is a single father trying to bring home something to eat for his seven starving pups? Living on the streets pushing him to ends he never thought possible?
Perhaps most likely is that the small mouse is inherently evil and was attempting to affix onto the pink rat's neck, via surgery, a bowtie like his own. Hearing the curdled screams, the dog saves the rat and carries it to safety, only to be too late; the rat's trachea being irreparable after the terrible events of the day.
Whatever the reasons, I am not sure why I drew it. But HERE it is as a Valentine, for all your romantic needs.
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