Saturday, October 27, 2012

again with this

I've gone and joined TUMBLR too...
for reasons yet unknown to me.


Mike Pelensky said...

I'm the worst at following tumblers, but I took a logged-out glance at yours and I'll take many more. Your work continues to inspire and reminds me that there's still a place for real cartoons (if there were such a thing) in this noisy, snooty world that thinks Lady Gaga is glam rock.

Thanks for continuing to exist. And if you insist, I will eat it.

Scott Diggs Underwood said...

Thanks Mike!
I will continue to exist for the time being, barring any unforseen industrial accidents. I hear ya with the tumblr thing, they seems to have a better 'sharing' functionality than this here blogger but I still like the old blogger too.