Wednesday, May 02, 2012

the Unaired Show

The whole concept behind this show is that it will never get made. A tricky concept I know, but I think it could work. There is of course a cast of crazy characters in the show; a transvestite Whoopi Goldberg impersonator, a rodent with an unbridled enthusiasm for Ziggy, a baby duck with Asbergers, a rabbit who gets plastic surgery constantly so he can look like Roger Rabbit (he is blissfully unaware of the copyright problems therein), some bald British get the idea.
Of course there will be a ginger haired guy with a tweed jacket. He has mother issues.
Hank is the product of an alligator/rhinoceros romance gone awry. He is very inquisitive, and is often warned: "Curiosity killed the alligator/rhinoceros hybrid!"
Mundane and Charlie are the housecats. One is skinny, the other is fat. It hasn't been done, so it's worth a try.
Last but not least, the Weevilbird. He feeds of of raw sewage and jellybeans. More often than not, he can be found hiding in the hedges playing canasta with the neighborhood hedgehogs. Ideally he would be voiced by Morgan Freeman, or if he's not available, Selena Gomez.

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John Young said...

Super cool drawings scott!