Sunday, April 01, 2012

Things I got to see at the Emerald City Comicon

I spent Saturday at the Emerald City Comicon... Less pungent than the big ol' San Diego melee, yet still a visual cacophony of the sublime and bizarre. From Jewish He-Man to Stormtrooper Beaker the sights are frequent and staining on the eye. A plethora of ladies in spandex was appreciated by all. Guys in Boba Fett masks unaware at how very droll they have become. The genre of fans known only as the Bronies were out with eczema but without abandon- inspiring a new, trademarkable phrase:
 This guy (below) did go against type by wearing a Mighty Mouse T-Shirt when in his heart he wanted to wear an Clover Bloom (thanks, Wikipedia) blazer. A Brony being contemplative can be a disconcerting thing. 
Of  course the classic 'guy in a sweltering suit made of faux-fur of some sort' was well represented.
Admittedly this Ramphy character (below) had a cool mouth function that allowed it to open and close, thus giving the full impression of chewing one's cud.
Had I more funds available to me, surely I would have partaken in the joys of bootlegged merchandise. Mind you, where the heck else are you going to buy 'Song of the South'? or the rare TV pilot of 'Vision and the Scarlet Witch' starring Sonny and Cher?
My biggest disappointment was, and I'm certain I'm not alone, the glaring absence of Ziggy merchandise available. 
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