Tuesday, October 18, 2011

past miscellany

 Some of the preliminary puppet concepts for a project that went nowhere.
The Ratt and Batt characters were to occupy the top and bottom of the TV screen. The concept required a floating puppeteer or at least one comfortable hanging by his or her ankles for extended periods of time. Whether or not guano would constantly fall onto Ratt was never fully decided.

 Gwen was a fashionista, and was thusly prone to wearing shorts atop her head. She could crack walnuts with her beak. Bigwrench and his son Reench worked at the local garage. They too were unimpressed by the rising costs of gasoline.
Thorax, was a dreamer...a believer in the impossible and a purveyor of the improbable. He now kind of reminds me of Seth Rogen. 
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