Friday, July 16, 2010

A Woodpecker's Knee

A jade idol of POLLEYEKLLU, whom the ancients worshiped lovingly, mostly out of fear of the agonizing death he would bring upon them from time to time. It was later discovered that his murdering spree was based not upon lack of worship attendees, but the fact that they always depicted his image with no legs. Polleyekllu did indeed have legs and was embarrassed to be crafted sans them.The newest form of language, spoken by an oh so fashionable teen...and what appears to be a bag of microwave popcorn being utilized as headgear.
Not really an aardvark. Just a toilet paper fan void of hypercoagulable tendencies.


3awashi thani said...

:O i'd want a statue of POLLEYEKLLU but he'd smite me.

Scott Diggs Underwood said...