Monday, April 26, 2010

ALIENS and their feline presence.

Of course he smokes two cigars at a time, he's an alien. As such, his tolerance for tobacco is much higher than that of your average human. And being an alien, his very anatomy is significantly different than that of any earth-borne creature. One might go so far as to say 'more evolved'
The alien appetite is also unfamiliar. The cartilage of a human nose being a delicacy, moreso than your humble Bavarian Cream-Filled Donut or whathaveyou.
*note the penchant for women's footwear (above)...alien influence? Nope, that's all homo-sapien.
Of course alien weaponry is not so far removed from Earth's. Nor the penchant for soliloquy.
...Too off model?
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