Sunday, April 05, 2009

Just Because

A generic brand Energy Drink perched between the bosom of a diabetic woman with a scar on her head is perhaps one of the most sublime of images ever to come forth from my Sharpie brand felt marker.  Her name is Beatrice and by day she is a temp at a fledgling insurance company. Some say she was destined to become obese the day her parents named her Beatrice. Others claim the name is a pseudonym; that her real name is Lauraline McGee hailing from Newark, NJ. The more baffling question is why she feels the need to hug so much caffeine with her protuberant mammaries.
Theodore Number is an oil man, cut from the script of "There Will Be Blood" in an early draft. Seems his penchant for pig-latin posed a problem for the director.

"Clean Cro-Mag" is as described: A clean Cro-Magnon woman, one who douches as often as she can. Soon to be a major Motion Picture.
This old guy is pretty hairy.
Now imagine the zany adventures these four will have when they become room-mates in a swanky high rise in Yaletown, Vancouver! Not to mention the antics of their wacky next-door neighbor!

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