Friday, February 27, 2009

magazine news

Pick up the latest copy of '1626' Magazine, (I think you have to be in China to do so however...) theres a bit of artwork by yours truly in there! (thru Studio Rice)
The resolution's way too low, but on the pic of the girl with the flaming caboose, the framed picture beside her head is actually an Ed, Edd n' Eddy comic book page...they turn up in the strangest places.
A closer look at the other pic:
nothing more than a sketch really, definately not a finished piece, but they were rushing to press so they threw this in. not bad, not bad...
that has nothing to do with me!
And it has nothing to do with Nell Carter either.
Canada’s Polka King finally has a website; complete with blog! CHECK IT OUT!         (via LETSPOLKA.COM)
Let's hear it for Walter Ostanek! Who's with me?

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