Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Stuff On The Internet

Was your New Years resolution to get a T-Shirt with a goat on it? Or a poster with a strange boot-woman hybrid on it? Well then you are in luck my friend. For over at, I have made the acquisition of such a lot easier. In the unlikely event that somebody actually purchases something from 'me' on there, I figger I'll continue to add more designs...perhaps another goat of some sort, as current market research has the almighty goat as the marketable farm animal for 2009! Can I attest to the quality of said T-Shirt? no... as they currently don't carry a size I can fit my rotund carcass into.  SO, somebody get one and let me know! In the interest of science!

Here is a closer look at the goat in question (click for an even closerer look):
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