Thursday, October 02, 2008


Back in '04 I animated a very short spot for the program ZED-TV which aired on the CBC. ZED-TV has since stopped being made, in no part due to my contribution. (unless it took a couple of years to infect the series) Sharon Lewis (the host of said program) is the voice.

'Twas an enjoyable experience; I especially enjoyed making the "smear" frames for some reason. Note the horrible placement of the arm in this frame. (below)

The main character was made primarily out of a Snake-Light, some floral wire, and a spray-painted Potato-Head Kid. Originally she didn't have neon green lips that exude the notion that she was raised near nuclear waste, but orange ones. The orange-lipped version passed an approval stage before I began filming, it was only after I finished the piece that somebody at CBC decided she looked too much like a sambo-caricature. So, using modern technology, CBC (not me) altered her very look and she became the cherno-belle you see here. I think the other character was made out of FIMO, and he drives about in what was Big Bird's car from some toy. Here she is in her original orange-lipped glory. (minus her fake eyelashes)


Sabrina Alberghetti said...

These are amazing....why don't you make more?

goldenrusset said...

So fun! yes you should make more! i like the smears... very S.M.R.T.