Saturday, March 29, 2008


Lest the title fool you, GETTING INTO YOUR PANTS is a book about a "simple, no-duh, weight-loss, body-best strategy that actually works – for life!" I haven't personally used the strategy, what with my addiction to PEPSI-COLA and penchant for slothenly habits, but rather illustrated it. Dr.Leslie Van Romer (chiropractor, weight loss cheerleader, and feel-good-about-you motivational health speaker) authored it. Check it out HERE...   
Never before in my professional life have I had the opportunity to draw a girl getting her pants ripped off by her own sisters; though I'm certain during pubescence I drew girls getting their pants ripped off by someone or something...ahh youth...anyways, it was a fun experience... these are just a couple of the illustrations from the book. The dog in his naked form didn't make print however ~ he ending up wearing a suit. 

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