Tuesday, October 02, 2007


A large speech bubble like the one above has a tendency to make me want to put down the comic that it's contained in. It seems as thought the playing field of words and pictures becomes unbalanced at times like that. Or, my attention span is such that reading so many words without a visual break drives me to madness....which is not entirely so - I have managed to read books without any pictures in them!! 'Course I can't remember the last one - I think it was something about rats in New York sewers or something...SPEAKING OF RATS...(what a blend!...)

---what a command of the English language! You might be asking yourself how on earth can this rat verbalize his thoughts when clearly his vocal chords would be irrepairably damaged with the decapitation. Well, the answer of course is BLUETOOTH technology. Somehow bluetooth does something which reacts with something else and there is a signal of some sort in there...

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