Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Quite lackluster in my posting as of late...and so time for a lackluster post.
This piece, still in it's early stages, I call "Tyrannosaurus Home-Wrecker" Really there's not much else I can say about it. It is not based on anyone in particular as I have not been so lucky as to befriend (or even meet) an abomination of nature such as this. Freud might have something to say in regards to the replacement of breasts with tiny little appendages that appear to serve no useful purpose. The mere task of unscrewing a lid on a jar of jam would be an impossibility...
I plan to finish this piece and will certainly post the outcome...though quite possibly I will be swayed into playing Super Mario Bros. or watching Woody Woodpecker cartoons instead. Which brings me to the REAL QUESTION of the day... Would FREUD play Super Mario Bros. ? ? ? Or would he prefer a rousing game of Mike Tyson's PUNCH-OUT ? ? ? Now THAT gets the ol' brain cooking hey? Since neurology and psychiatry were not recognized as distinct medical fields at the time of Freud's training, one wonders if this would have led him onto a path of wasting his time with video games! At this point I am making less than any sense, so I digress. Maybe in the next post I'll have something to say.
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