Friday, June 30, 2006

Mo' Munny Mo' Problems

The MUNNY show at Voltage went well, I certainly welcomed the opportunity to 'chew the fat' as they say, with a couple of the other Munny Makers...gathered a few tips that I hope to try out ASAP. It was quite interesting to see the different ideas that MUNNY had brought forth and I also enjoyed drinking some cold beers too..
Some pics of the show are here:MUNNY SHOW (thanks to a fellow by the name of JD NORTON, whom I've never met, but I'm sure is very cordial)The show was also mentioned at VINYL PULSE where us Vinyl Toy Enthusiants frequent fo' the latest news and whatnot.
And my own MUNNY is for sale here: ONE-EYED JACQUELINE
I look forward to painting another one, anyone with tips and tactics bring it on!


Anonymous said...

ummm...where was i????

scottdiggs said...

Hmm, well ANONYMOUS, I guess that would depend on who you are...perhaps you were at home watching a rerun of "The Drew Carey Show" or maybe at the beach or something...anyways, you should have stopped by!

sho said...

hahahaha..that's awesome ~!
I always wanted to paint one of those myself .
Hey man, here's our BOOTH # @ the Con
Maverix Studios booth # 5485 ,
C ya there