Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Do I Bother?

More on the world wide web for reasons unknown even to me. It would seem I am drawn to this blogging "technology" as it were, wasting my time in posting doodles and doo-dads...I should like to post some finished artwork...all I've got to do is finish some...there's some here: though now that I look back on it some of those drawings stink. Though the "Feminine Itch" comic seems to have found it's permanent and trafficless home thru that link, so I reckon it don't matter too mother isn't a big fan either...odd...
I intrigued myself at the shape of this girl's head after I drew it, I think I'm onto something! (something being drawing girls with sausage-shaped heads) The sweating dog thing is old hat...just my take on a popular theme. The pig is just a pig. An excited pig, sure, but a pig.
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